Modular Garage Storage Systems in Bloomington IL

Modular Garage Storage Systems in Bloomington IL
We Offer Modular Garage Storage Systems in Bloomington IL

Versatility is vital when deciding on the perfect organizational storage system for your garage. Is your garage cluttered? It’s time to take back control and make it neat again. Contractor Services of Illinois is here to help. We offer versatile module garage storage systems that allow you to mix and match configurations according to your unique needs. From sporting equipment to gardening tools, everything will now have its rightful place. How freeing! It’s never been easier to organize and coordinate your tools, project materials and more. Thanks to our innovative closet concepts, our modular systems offer various configurations that are functional yet attractive. Our designers can visit your home and discuss ideas as part of a free consultation. Come to the best. Thus, we offer modular garage storage systems in Bloomington IL.

Innovative Garage Systems That Work

It’s about time you incorporated neat, organized spaces in your garage. Why live amidst all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years? Take back your space with our modern, streamlined ClosetMaid MultiSuite® package. This system works well in any area of utility, such as a garage or workshop. Consequently, choose from these three finishes:

Modular Garage Storage Systems in Bloomington IL
  • White Raised Panel
  • White Flat Panel
  • Hammered Grey

Peace of mind for your investment is important, which is why our systems come with a lifetime Free Replacement Policy. With possibilities and configurations that are truly endless, we can help you visualize the most workable space for your needs. Put versatility and control back in your hands.

Our designers work for YOU: count on our company to deliver on promises of excellence. Thus, our products are long-lasting and easy to clean. Plus, when you opt for our powder coatings, you get a beautiful stain, scratch and chip-resistant finish.

Looking for More?

Additionally, other than our design and installation of modular garage storage systems, we offer:

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