Open Concept Closets Peoria IL

Open Concept Closets Peoria IL
Open Concept Closets Peoria IL Will Love

Have you always wanted an open concept closet? Now you can with the help of Contractor Services of Illinois. An open concept closet is one that is not closed off and restricted. Rather, it is a natural extension of your room, which offers a more bright, open space. These types of closets are great for small rooms to make them seem bigger, and even better with big rooms to take advantage of all that space. So then, you can fit all your shoes, clothing, purses and other items comfortably without cramming everything into drawers. Our specialty is designing open closet concepts that complement your lifestyle so you can finally store your items with efficiency and functionality. We are happy to specialize in open concept closets Peoria IL will love.

We bring the tools and equipment necessary to infuse your space with added sophistication and convenience. Begin with a free consultation and estimate to see how easy the process is.

Our Open Concept Closet Options

Before you buy, we will show you 3D CAD software renderings of the design so you can visualize the space. When it comes to open concepts, we believe quality is at the top of the list. That’s why we create our open concept closets with sturdy laminated wood available in many colors and accessories.

We use and trust ClosetMaid product lines for their strength, versatility and beauty. Choose from any of these packages:

Open Concept Closets Peoria IL
  • MasterSuite: This is our premium option featuring luxury and versatility as it makes full use of every square foot of available space.
  • ExecutiveSuite: If you’re in business, you’ll love this option. Our beautiful, durable and functional office systems are designed for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • MultiSuite: These systems, ideal for functional areas, would work best in garages, workshops, laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements and craft rooms. These are the ultimate in open concept designs with no restrictions.
  • Economic Solutions: Looking for affordability? These simple yet durable wire shelving systems offer a low-cost solution for kids’ closets, kitchen pantries, laundry rooms and utility storage areas.
Not Your Average Closet Company

Also, with the open concept closets we provide for Peoria IL, we can sell and install:


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